About WeanPro

WeanPro weaning rings provide the user with an alternative to other weaning methods which may include, yard weaning, instant separation, gradual separation and creep weaning. There are numerous negatives to these weaning methods that can be both frustrating and costly, for example:


Yard Weaning  - more labour required plus additional feeding costs

Instant & Gradual Separation - stress to calf and cow, weight loss, bawling, damaged fences

Creep Weaning - more labour, preparation and supervision required


With WeanPro weaning rings the device is simply fitted to the calf's nose whilst being worked in the yards with the calf then returning to the paddock with the cow. Fitting takes no more than 30 seconds.


WeanPro weaning rings then go to work, day and night, in two ways. Firstly they limit the calf's ability to suckle on the cows teat, if able at all. Secondly, the specifically placed spikes on the weaning ring cause an irritating and unpleasant sensation to the cows udder which makes her continuously move away from the calf and keep moving away from the calf whenever it tries to suckle. This ongoing denial forces the calf to eventually commence grazing and between one and three weeks the calf is completely weaned without any of the issues, cost or annoyance usually experienced with the above weaning methods.


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WeanPro weaning rings are the sensible solution to cost effective weaning.