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WeanPro weaning rings are very easy and simple to fit. Firstly the calf is secured in a crush or head bail, you then slide one side of the weaning ring inside a nostril and over the septum or the membrane (between the nostrils) and into the other nostril. This is easy to do as the calf's nose is usually well lubricated. Once in place the wing nut is tightened enough to keep the WeanPro weaning ring firmly attached with just enough movement to allow it to swing and slide up and down on the septum very slightly.

If the wing nut is over-tightened the WeanPro weaning ring is likely to pierce the septum over time. This isn't a big problem but it may result in making it a little more difficult to remove. Fitting time for the three steps below is less than 30 seconds. Removal is basically a reverse of the above fitting actions.


WeanPro weaning rings are simply the sensible solution to cost effective weaning.

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Step 1 - slide over one nostril and into the other                                Step 2 - WeanPro weaning ring now fits over the septum

Slide over one nostril and into the otherWeanPro weaning ring now fits over the septum



Step 3 - adjust the wing nut but don't over tighten                             WeanPro weaning ring is now in place & ready to use

Adjust the wing nut so the the Weanpro weaning ring is firm but still able to swingWeanPro weaning ring is now in place