WeanPro Weaning RingWelcome and thank you for visiting the WeanPro website. WeanPro weaning rings are a simple and cost effective product used to make weaning an easier, more efficient and less stressful experience.


WeanPro is 100% Australian owned and operated and based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.


WeanPro weaning rings are a simple device fitted for a short period to a calf's nose to provide an easier and more cost effective alternative to other weaning methods where a degree of separation of cows from their calves is standard practice.


WeanPro weaning rings are manufactured from high grade pure flexible and UV resistant nylon to ensure they won't become brittle, snap or fade unlike other similar plastic products. The use of this quality material combined with a precise and accurate manufacturing process ensures that WeanPro weaning rings can be re-used over and over again. WeanPro weaning rings are made up of a number of specifically placed spikes including two oversize lower spikes that ensure longevity of the product once the calf commences grazing during the weaning process.


WeanPro weaning rings are available in three different colours, green, red and yellow. The different coloured weaning rings provide the user with various options including  using certain colours on different aged calves, certain colours released into different paddocks whilst weaning and/or for other various identification purposes.


WeanPro weaning rings are simply the sensible solution to cost effective weaning.

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